Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery provides ultimate efficiency.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a method of delivering projects that reduces waste, delivers value and fully engages owners, designers and construction teams early in the project. IPD starts with a single multi-party contract, often including multiple trades in addition to the contractor and consultant group, that encourages all team members to work for the benefit of the project.

IPD is a highly collaborative process that encourages all stakeholders to do what is right for the project, rather than what is right for them.

Key components of IPD include:

  • Multi-party agreements that outline all parties’ duties to the project and to each other. Profits and risks are shared and there may be bonuses for achieving the owner’s objectives.
  • A leadership regime that emphasizes openness, trust, respect and collaborative decision making.
  • Access to information, usually web-based, with an emphasis on BIM to ensure all parties have the ability to provide input.
  • Processes that set measurable objectives for improvement over traditional projects. There will be multi-day, multi-company workshops that will embrace innovation and set strict goals for the project.

With the successful completion of several IPD projects, Graham has the expertise, passion and knowledge to deliver.