Lean Construction

Maximizing Efficiency

Graham is a champion of lean construction, and a founding member of the Lean Construction Institute of Canada. Graham uses lean construction tools and techniques to minimize costs and maximize value on all projects, challenging ourselves and our partners to develop better ways to manage the overall construction process. The holistic pursuit of continuous improvement drives all phases of the project cycle from planning and design through construction and commissioning, to ongoing operations and maintenance. All project participants benefit from this approach, delivering more efficient, effective and economic projects in a timely manner.

“With a lean project, we were able to bring on the team early. Graham was able to inform our design team so that it was more efficient to build and would cost less.” John Ligouri, Owner Project Director, Five Hills Health Region, New Regional Hospital (Moose Jaw IPD Hospital)

Many Graham projects utilize the “Last Planner” scheduling system, which allows the project team to plan projects in a way that produces predictable workflow and rapid learning. Paperless project sites are in their infancy, however are rapidly gaining traction with Graham project teams. Schedule updates, quality management, request for information (RFI) updates and multiple other functions are updated without any need for printed hard copies. Any information required in the field is readily available, current and accurate. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is common practice and Graham truly manages the model to provide meaningful data, not only during construction, but also for the owner’s maintenance and operations personnel. Increased communication efficiencies and better collaboration are just two benefits to the entire project and all project participants. Our Graham teams are qualified, capable and keen to deliver lean construction, the right way.