Regina Employees Bake for Food for Learning


Breakfast is the most important of the day and employees from Graham's Regina branch recently volunteered with Regina Food for Learning to bake up some goodness for local children in need. The non-profit organization is the city's largest child feeding program, currently providing on average 11,150 nutritious snacks, breakfasts and lunches to 865 students each month. They have serviced Regina schools and neighbourhoods for over 29 years.

Employees spent a morning baking cookies and granola bars, all of which are included in the meals and they sometimes even bring donated baked goods. To ensure that Food for Learning has support of volunteers throughout the year, the employees plan to participate again.

“I think it's easy to recognize need in places on the other side of the world but sometimes it's easy to forget about our own backyard," says Alicia Pedwerbeski, Business Development Coordinator. “I believe organizations like this that cater to the children in our communities are helping to shape the future of these communities for the better."