The Canada Royal Milk is Completed On-Time and Within Budget


Graham is proud to deliver the Canada Royal Milk facility on time and within budget. The CDN $208.8 million project is a world class intelligent manufacturing facility located in Kingston, Ontario. It is Canada’s first and only wet infant formula facility, and North America’s first and only goat milk infant formula facility.

Situated on 40 acres of land, the plant consists of approximately 300,000 square feet and is made up of seven main components: the truck receiving area, pre-treatment, dry blending, packing, warehouse, utility and office areas. The building includes two separate production lines; one for cow dairy and one for goat dairy.

A major highlight of this project was the site team completing the largest continuous pour in Graham’s history, placing 4,289m3 of concrete over 20 hours using four different concrete plants. This pour was planned months in advance and included the commitment of all project stakeholders to complete the base slab installation for the future warehouse area of the facility. This pour was also the largest in Kingston’s history.