The Impressive First Light


Graham was recently awarded a new project in downtown Seattle, WA - First Light by Westbank. This is Graham's third project in Seattle with Westbank, the others being 1200 Stewart and 707 Terry. 

First Light is an unprecedented residential tower integrating art and architecture at the corner of 3rd and Virginia. The mixed-use project combines a seven-floor office podium with residential and amenities above, with the office podium, and rooftop amenity levels, draped in multiple veils of glass discs by Seattle-based glass artist John Hogan. Unlike many buildings, First Light will use a range of related elevation treatments, with the design broken into sections with different cladding, tempering its scale.

This elegant residential tower features a residential lobby which will function as an entrance and a gallery space, home to a custom Fazioli piano designed by John Hogan and providing access to a unique underground bike lounge. Structural glass panels in the floor will create skylights into the resident's bicycle room below. The 48th floor 25m sky pool will be connect to a wellness centre featuring a spa and fitness facility. There will also be a rooftop secret garden, providing expansive views of downtown Seattle and Puget Sound as well as an apple orchard above the office podium.

First Light serves as a canvas for Seattle-based artist, John Hogan integrating his art with the architecture of James KM Cheng. Hogan has created a collection of art works that explore how light and glass can combine to create thousands of luminous sculptural moments throughout the building.

“Like all my work, it’s about paring things down and trying to bring people’s attention to the beauty of light. The intention behind the veil was to create a place that would allow for needed moments of stillness and reflection while at the same time immersing you in a soft, ever changing atmosphere,” says Hogan.