Graham Awarded Avenue H Reservoir Project in Saskatoon


Graham Group Ltd.’s Saskatoon operating branch was recently awarded the CDN$45 million Avenue H Reservoir Expansion project in Saskatoon, one of the largest construction contracts the City has ever awarded to a contractor. Graham will build a new reservoir and an elevated skywalk across from the existing Avenue H water treatment plant.

Graham will perform all of the concrete work and all contracting duties to build the new water reservoir and elevated skywalk. The work also involves the addition of an ultraviolet disinfection facility, which includes three UV reactors, purchasing and installation of the major equipment including pumps, UV equipment and the variable frequency drives (electrical components).

Once this work is completed, it will increase the storage capacity at the existing plant. Currently the plant holds 19 million litres (5 million gallons) of water and with the expansion the reservoir’s total capacity will be 38.5 million litres (10.2 million gallons). The additional capacity will allow the City to meet the projected water demand of Saskatoon’s 2016’s expected population of 265,000 residents, as well as meet heavy water demand periods in the region such as summer irrigation.

Construction will begin this month and is scheduled for completion March 2014.