Graham U.S. Receives Top OSHA Safety Award


For the third consecutive year, Graham U.S. has been awarded the Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) White Level Safety Award in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The CHASE program was implemented in 2003 by the state’s Department of Labor and Industry (DLI). Designed to reduce the number of injuries, illnesses and fatalities at construction industry employers in Minnesota, the Association of General Contractors (AGC) of Minnesota and Minnesota OSHA formed a partnership to recognize the importance of providing a safe and healthful work environment in the construction industry.

The three award levels of the CHASE program are: RED (Basic Level): For applicants wanting to meet the basic minimum requirements of a safety and health program; WHITE (Intermediate Level): For applicants desiring a more comprehensive safety and health program; BLUE (Peak Level): For applicants striving to be an industry leader with a very comprehensive safety and health program.

Graham is part of an elite group of Minnesota contractors holding the White Level status.

Congratulations to the Minneapolis office for their significant achievements in safety!