Graham's Going Green!


When Karl These, Superintendent, Jasper Constructors Ltd., approached Graham’s Equipment, Shops & Yard’s (ESY) team with his dilemma – he had to commute 67 km (42 mi.) daily, from Abbotsford to Vancouver and back, to work on several downtown-based project sites – the solution was simple, go green!

Last week, Graham’s first-ever electric vehicle, a Nissan Leaf, was introduced to the Vancouver fleet. With this important addition, we continue to take fundamental steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve been reducing our carbon footprint by buying smaller pick-up trucks than in the past and now adding an electric car to our fleet,” says Chris McNeil, General Manager, Equipment, Shops & Yards (ESY). “This all amounts to less fuel burned and therefore less noxious emissions.”

According to Livestrong, “the term carbon footprint is the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions, consisting primarily of carbon dioxide, associated with an organization, event or production. It’s one of the most common measures of the effect of an individual, community, industry, or country on the environment. An increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore in carbon footprint, is the primary event associated with climate change that has led to global warming.”

One of Graham's new quarter-ton trucks, a Chevrolet Colorado.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint by the Numbers

  • In 2018, Graham’s ESY AoE team purchased and replaced a total of 54, three-quarter and half-ton trucks with quarter-ton trucks (Chevy Colorado’s), reducing Graham’s fuel burn by approximately 100,000 liters per year.
  • Last week, Graham’s first-ever electric car, a Nissan Leaf, was added to the Vancouver fleet, and more electric vehicles are coming!