Improving Mobility with Safer Infrastructure


Graham was recently awarded the USD$455.3 million design-build project for State Route (SR) 520 Montlake to Lake Washington I/C and Bridge Replacement, located in Seattle, WA.

The “Montlake Phase" is one of several projects to replace windstorm and earthquake vulnerable structures, while improving mobility for people and commerce across Lake Washington and through the SR 520 corridor from Seattle to Redmond.

The SR 520 Montlake to Lake Washington I/C and Bridge Replacement Project includes:

  • Replacing the Evergreen Point West Approach, Union Bay Bridge, and select portions of Evergreen Point West Approach Connection, with a new West Approach Bridge South (WABS) structure, providing a final connection with the south half of the new floating bridge. Graham will build the new WABS structure to accommodate an added eastbound High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane;
  • Replacing the existing Montlake Blvd (SR 513) undercrossing with a new community enhancement lid structure, including modifications to interchanges and connecting local overpasses;
  • Adding two new direct access ramps;
  • Constructing a new pedestrian overcrossing (“Pedestrian Land Bridge") to connect the Washington Park Arboretum trails (south-side) to the E Montlake Park trails (north-side);
  • Improving path and trail connections at various locations, including partial completion of a new shared-use tunnel under Montlake Blvd E; and
  • Demolishing six bridges as well as retaining walls.

Design of the SR 520 project will meet and augment program sustainability goals through protecting and enhancing green and open spaces and aquatic habitats; lessen construction impacts including duration, traffic disruption, and hauling; address life-cycle costs by reducing maintenance and operations through design and utilizing durable materials.

The project begins construction March 2019 with completion scheduled for 2023.