Strathcona County’s Public Yards Expansion and Modernization


Graham has been awarded the CDN$23.2 million Strathcona Public Yards project. This project for Strathcona County, a municipality located just east of Edmonton, Alberta, involves three main phases:

  1. Phase 1 will involve construction of the new pre-engineered shop building. Once the pre-engineered shop building is completed, the operations of the service bays in the existing office building will be moved to the new service building.
  2. Phase 2 will involve the expansion of the existing office building on the west end. The expansion will house new locker rooms and training space. 
  3. Phase 3 will involve converting the four service bays in the west end of the existing building to office space and adding a 2nd floor of offices over this area. Phase 3 will also begin the modernization of the existing office building – updating and re-organizing the office space and expanding southeast corner of the existing building to accommodate a new main entrance complete with elevator.

The project was qualification-based, with a stipulated price component, and is scheduled to begin immediately.