Get Your Start With Graham

10 Reasons to jumpstart your career with Graham.

1. Our portfolio of leading-edge projects means you’ll be working on some truly amazing projects from complex industrial megaprojects and landmarks that define our cityscapes, to innovative office and retail buildings of the future.

2. Your opportunities for growth will be unrivalled. We’ll do everything we can to develop your skills as a professional and prepare you to be a future leader at Graham. Every day you’ll work alongside skilled and experienced construction management professionals who will mentor you and support your growth and career goals.

3. Employee ownership gives you the opportunity to benefit from owning a stake in the company. That means working in an entrepreneurial atmosphere, profit sharing, and experiencing a real sense of accountability to yourself and those around you. Your contribution will directly affect our bottom line so when Graham wins, you as an owner/employee win as well.

4. Continuous learning is a key part of who we are. We stand behind our promise of lifelong learning. You’ll have opportunities to improve your leadership skills, grow your knowledge and even plan your own career trajectory through Graham.

5. Advanced technologies allow us to be innovators in the construction space. From being first in Canada to utilize Integrated Project Delivery to our commitment to construction technology, materials, techniques and management, we are constantly working to construct better, and build a better company.

6. Safety is our number one priority. We continually strive for zero lost-time incidents and have a best-in-class record in the construction industry. You’ll see firsthand that everyone at Graham is committed to providing a safe work setting for our employees, our communities and our environment.

7. We’re a community, more than a just a company. As a member of the Graham community you’ll be joining a group of like-minded people who believe in collaboration, fairness and ‘getting things done.’

8. Accountability has always been an important component of Graham’s success. Grow with us and become part of a team that supports employees, clients, the environment and the communities we serve.

9. Our highly reputable brand brings pride to every employee. For 90 years, Graham has been recognized throughout the industry for its steadfast beliefs of commitment, integrity and reliability.

10. We build leaders, not just buildings. Our commitment is to help every Graham employee strive to be the best in their team, their company and their industry.