The Work

What’s it like working at Graham?

Exciting, dynamic, challenging and rewarding. We’re an innovative, forward-thinking company focused not only on projects for today, but on building a better tomorrow.

You’ll be challenged.

As one of the country’s largest construction companies you’ll have a huge range of challenging assignments. You’ll get hands-on experience working on commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects that run from hospitals and refineries to airports and the latest environmental LEED buildings.

You’ll be mentored.

Whether you join the engineering, accounting or project management team, you’ll work side by side with skilled and experienced construction professionals who will help you learn the ropes and grow within the company.

You’ll go places.

With 13 offices across North America, Graham undertakes projects in all sorts of locations from the bright lights of big cities to rural communities and remote northern forests.

You’ll work with state-of-the-art systems.

We’re at the cutting edge of construction technology. Toolbox is the Graham-designed, award winning, digital information system that gives you instant information in real-time.

You’ll work in a safe environment.

Safety comes first at Graham. We succeed because we place the health and safety of our people, business partners, and the protection of our communities and the environment, above all else.

You’ll work with an army of heavy-duty equipment.

Our diversified fleet of modern, customized, well-maintained machines is thousands of pieces strong and growing every year.

You’ll have help building your career.

We want you to reach your potential. Graham gives you the opportunity for professional growth, improvement and learning through Career Paths. The program helps you visualize your career, plan your training and development, and climb the ladder to positions of higher responsibility.