Maintenance, Repair, Operations and Turnaround, and Commissioning

Broadening Capabilities to Meet Client Needs

Since 1970, Quinn Contracting Ltd. has been performing maintenance, turnarounds and capital projects for clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries throughout Western Canada. Through ongoing growth and change, Quinn has not strayed from its long-standing company core values and brand pillars. From corporate processes, to safety, to client satisfaction, Quinn never stops seeking ways to assess, improve and advance. Their unwavering commitment to continuous quality improvement is a deeply engrained part of the Quinn culture.

With the recent acquisition of Quinn, Graham further broadens its ability to deliver full-spectrum industrial solutions. Specifically, the strong regional presence of Quinn, their commitment to safe execution, quality workmanship and dedication to client satisfaction, enable Graham to provide superior maintenance, repair, operations and turnaround, and commissioning capabilities to its industrial clients. The acquisition also creates opportunities for Quinn by way of expanding into new markets, having access to more projects and providing additional training and development opportunities to its employees.

Visit Quinn's website to learn more about their capabilities.