Planning things right, from the start.

Planning begins at the outset. Our extensive pre-construction process starts with project and design development meetings with the owner and consultants, preparing a baseline cost estimate based on early conceptual design information and preparing a detailed construction schedule.

Graham’s project planning process begins immediately after being selected and continues until the start of construction. This process allows construction to begin as soon as possible, potentially even prior to design completion.

As design development proceeds, we provide advice on material, labour, and time requirements for installation and construction. During schematic design we update the project schedule to include design development, preparation of documents, bid calls, evaluation, trade contract awards, and onsite construction activities. We assist in coordination of government authority requirements, juridical permits and utility service companies.

The Graham pre-construction team also monitors and reviews specifications, drawings and coordination of sub-contractors, prepares a final cost estimate at 90 percent design development, prepares a cash flow for each project, and finalizes the schedule impact for trade tendering purposes.