Sustainable Construction

More environmental measures, less impact.

Environmental and sustainable building practices are evolving rapidly. Graham was among the first to start thinking “green” and we insist on staying at the leading edge of sustainable construction practices.

Our approach includes a wealth of specific environmental protection measures during construction from spill avoidance and site cleanliness, to watershed protection and dust control in sensitive facilities like hospitals.

Graham continues to be at the forefront of environmental and sustainable construction practices. We are leaders in implementing LEED requirements, and initiatives from recycling and using renewable materials, to working to green building standards, to achieving energy efficiency and employing life-cycle costing that governs the management of all our projects.

  • Erosion and sediment control to minimize soil loss, prevent sedimentation of storm sewer systems, protect freshwater quality and reduce air pollution.
  • Test and commission all building systems to verify proper installation, calibration and performance.
  • Recycle or reuse materials wherever possible.
  • Prohibit smoking in enclosed spaces, including site trailers.
  • Enforce Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management strategies.