General Contracting

Putting the most control in the client’s hands.

General Contracting, or Bid-Build, has traditionally been the most common project delivery method. Clients self-plan and oversee design of the project, tender for construction, then select the winning bidder.

At Graham, we do everything we can to optimize outcomes under Bid-Build General Contracting, such as providing feedback on design drawings that can help lower costs and deliver a better product.

Graham has a long history of delivering successful General Contracting projects:

  • We’re cost-effective and provide the best possible project at a competitive price.
  • Our vast integrated database provides accurate pricing.
  • We self-execute work due to our integrated capabilities and equipment fleet, making us more efficient.
  • We have excellent relationships with subcontractors and other project partners, contributing to efficient project execution.
  • We understand timelines and the interaction of schedules leading to the most efficient use of resources.
  • Our people are experienced at executing projects of all sizes and types.