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Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets

Calgary, AB

Contract Value:

$20 million

Prime Consultant:

GEC Architecture

Project Owner:

City of Calgary

Contract Format:

Lump Sum

Completion Date:

August 2014

Contract Duration:

9 months pre-construction | 26 months construction

This project is located at the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was previously constructed by Graham through eight different contracts totaling just over $300 million. The Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA) project works to advance sustainable wastewater treatment science and technology. The project itself involved the construction of a freestanding research facility, 12 diversion streams, and a prototype wastewater facility. This was the first facility of its kind in the world.

The streams replicate the full flood web and ecosystem of prairie streams and small rivers. The micro-scale pilot plant includes primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment process units and produces treated wastewater for evaluation. The prototype plant permits testing of technologies to the point of failure and enables the direct and rapid translation of research results into operational knowledge that will accelerate the commercialization of new technologies.