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Alaska Building

Seattle, WA

Contract Value:

$10.2 million

Prime Consultant:

Clarke Design Group

Project Owner:


Contract Format:

Stipulated Sum

Completion Date:

April 2009

Contract Duration:

13 months

Graham’s pre-construction role aided the design team by identifying unknowns during the structural exploration of the existing building. Then as the project moved into the construction phase, our coordination with the Owner’s structural steel fabricator proved invaluable in assuring that the new structural elements were able to interface seamlessly with the 104-year-old building. A high degree of coordination and teamwork proved critical in mitigating the constraints of erecting a 15-storey high rise in Seattle’s historic and cramped Pioneer Square area. With an extremely limited staging and lay-down area, a high degree of accuracy and coordination was necessary to assure that materials could be delivered to the jobsite ‘just in time’.

Historical renovation work, designed to conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, included complete renovation of existing turn of the century wood windows and frames, masonry restoration and seismic damage repair. Following the renovation, the building was converted to a 262 room hotel.

Graham won the Eagle Award for Historical Restoration from ABC National in December 2009. In addition, Graham was awarded the Best of 2009 Best Historic Renovation from Northwest Construction.

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