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Bowness Lagoon, Courtyard and Concession

Calgary, AB

Contract Value:

$6 million

Prime Consultant:

IBI Group

Project Owner:

The City of Calgary

Contract Format:

General Contract

Completion Date:

December 2014

Contract Duration:

20 months

This project involved a new concession building, timber deck, and boat dock, complete with surrounding pathways, landscaping, and plaza/picnic seating. A 100-year-old historical destination, Bowness Park is a popular recreational area for Calgarians, with the lagoon being utilized in the summer for canoeing and water activities and in the winter for ice skating. The concession building accommodates equipment rentals for these activities, as well as houses an additional tea room for the public.

An additional part of the build included the construction of a maintenance garage on the site to house the park’s train and zamboni.

One of the biggest challenges was that construction commenced two weeks prior to the floods of 2013. Graham assisted extensively in the park clean up and, post flood, a new power feed was designed underground to eliminate any future hazards of live power lines being exposed. Graham also undertook works on some of the bridges around the lagoon