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Centre Square Place Condominiums

Regina, SK

Contract Value:

$17.4 million

Prime Consultant:

Number Ten Architectural Group

Project Owner:

Centre Square Developments GP Inc.

Contract Format:

Construction Management

Completion Date:

February 2014

Contract Duration:

25 months

Centre Square Place Condominiums provides 71 upscale urban residences in a 10 storey concrete structure with a 4 level underground parkade located near Wascana Lake and downtown Regina. As the Construction Manager, Graham performed the foundation package, tower structure and building envelope on a fast track basis. Due to the cement job, which required non-stop work, this project was the first ever in the construction industry to be granted a permit which allowed work to continue past 10 p.m. Graham worked closely with the architect and owner to control costs as the design and construction progressed.