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CFB Trenton Maintenance & Operations Hangar

Toronto, ON

Contract Value:

$46 million

Prime Consultant:


Project Owner:

Canadian National Department of Defence

Contract Format:

Lump Sum

Completion Date:

Winter 2013

Contract Duration:

24 months

At Graham, we are the trusted construction solutions partner to execute highly sensitive projects. In 2011, Graham commenced construction of a $44 million facility for the Canadian Department of National Defense on the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario. The team was contracted to build a mixed-use facility spanning over 11,600 m2 (125,000 sq. ft.) that would include a two-hangar bay and high tech maintenance and operations facilities for the CC-130 J Super Hercules aircraft.

Graham implemented a meticulous project plan in order to accommodate the complex security and scheduling procedures necessary in a fully operational military airport. Our experienced team successfully completed the new facility on-time and on budget, and received an excellent Contractor Performance Evaluation from Defence Construction Canada.