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Ens Lexus & Ens Toyota

Saskatoon, SK

Contract Value:

$24.1 million

Prime Consultant:

Kindrachuk Agrey Architect

Project Owner:

D.E Enterprises Ltd.

Contract Format:

CM as Agent

Completion Date:

September 2014

Contract Duration:

24 months

This project comprised the construction of two separate buildings; a new Lexus dealership and a new Toyota deadlership. Each facility consists of a showroom/office area, service areas, full shops and a drive thru and lube station. The main floor of the Lexus deadlership is 18,300 square feet and the second level is 4,210 square feet. Special features of the Lexus facility include stainless steel post and glass railings as well as 2x4 tile in the showroom. The Toyota deadlership is 48,480 square feet on the main floor and 13,050 square feet on the second level and is targeting LEED Silver designation. The scope of work also included the coordination and installation of owner-supplied car washes, vacuum and shop equipment.

Associated site development includes asphalt paved parking, concrete curbs, and landscaped areas.