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EPCOR Rossdale Water Quality Assurance Laboratory and Offices

Edmonton, AB

Contract Value:

$19.4 million

Prime Consultant:

Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.

Project Owner:

EPCOR Water Services Inc.

Contract Format:

Stipulated Price

Completion Date:

July 2015

Contract Duration:

27 months

This 4,068 m2 facility is situated within EPCOR’s Rossdale Water Treatment Plant, located between the North Saskatchewan River and Edmonton’s downtown core. The building consists of a full basement below grade, two complete storeys above grade and a vaulted clerestorey. The structure is cast-in-place concrete, enclosed in both a curtainwall and clay tile cladding system, and the clerestorey consists of a Modified Bitumen Membrane roof system on cross-laminated timber panels supported by glulam beams. The interior of the building contains laboratories for metals, organics, microbiology and water testing as well as meeting rooms and offices for the EPCOR Finance Department.