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K-3 CLT Classrooms

Wapato, WA

Contract Value:

$2.3 million

Prime Consultant:

NAC Architecture

Project Owner:

Department of Enterprise Services

Contract Format:

Progressive Design-Build

Completion Date:

June 2017

Contract Duration:

10 months

NAC and Graham were the progressive design-build team on this Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) pilot project for Washington State. This project consisted of a four-classroom addition to Adams Elementary School in Wapato and a four-classroom addition at Valley View Elementary School in Toppenish. CLT is engineered by crisscrossing and fusing layers of wood. It is strong and stable and can be made from smaller diameter trees like those harvested as part of forest-thinning and restoration projects.

The project was funded by a direct grant from the Washington State Legislature with the goal of jump-starting the use of CLT within the state. Designed and permitted in just three months, the classrooms were completed in June 2017.