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Oxboro Library Renovation

Minneapolis, MN,

Contract Value:

$4.4 million

Prime Consultant:

LSE Architects, Inc.

Project Owner:

Hennepin County

Contract Format:

Stipulated Price

Completion Date:

July 2019

Contract Duration:

10 months

The Oxboro Library Renovation project consisted of the renovation of an existing 13,768 square-foot single-story branch library. The renovation included the demolition of an approximate 3,500 square-foot area and the construction of a new 4,100 square-foot addition, resulting in a total area of 14,423 square feet. The scope included major renovation to the exterior of the site with the additions of a large patio, new landscaping along with outdoor reading areas, and with the addition of a completely new fire suppression system. All the Mechanical and Electrical systems were removed, and new state of the art energy efficient systems were installed. Another highlight of this project was Graham’s ongoing commitment to the DMWESB network. This was clearly validated by the team far exceeding the targeted goals for the project by providing 46.8% SBE, 7.4% SWBE, and 23% SMBE participation. Graham also provided 247% WEP apprentice hours versus the stated goal.

Services Provided

As Construction Manager/General Contractor, the Graham project team helped manage the entire project budget according to what was established by Hennepin County, which included demolition, new finishes throughout, concrete footing and foundations, site work, landscaping, and scheduling. Graham generated and processed Requests for Information and Change Orders to ensure the project was on schedule and within budget. Graham managed overall project schedule and worked with the County and subcontractors to deliver a top-quality project.