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Quileute Tribal School

La Push, WA

Contract Value:


Prime Consultant:

Vanir / Rice Fergus Miller

Project Owner:

Quileute Tribal School

Contract Format:

Progressive Design-Build

Completion Date:

May 2022

Contract Duration:

22 months

The Quileute Tribe has experienced increasing anxiety over its land being located in a flood and tsunami hazard zone. To aid the tribe in avoiding potential danger the U.S. Government has provided 275 acres of land for the Tribe to relocate to under the project “Move to Higher Ground”. The existing village school is one of the most significant facilities and as such is the first to be moved out of the danger zone.

The new school will be designed applying CLT for ease of construction in this extremely wet environment. The progressive design-build covers a new K-12 single-story school that will feature a variety of amenities for the students, staff, and community. These will include a classroom for every grade, spaces for special education, gifted learning, science, arts, library, music, carpentry, and other vocational education. The build will also house resource rooms, administrative space, a full-size high school gym, an exterior community courtyard, a mechanic shop for servicing the school busses, and full-size multi-sport fields.