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Shopper's World Transit Terminal

Brampton, ON

Contract Value:

$9 million

Prime Consultant:

Moffet and Duncan Architects In.

Project Owner:

The Corporation of the City of Brampton

Contract Format:

Stipulated Price

Completion Date:

November 2011

Contract Duration:

14 months

A crucial development for the City of Brampton's public transit system, especially the Bus Rapid transit (BRT) service, this terminal supports Brampton Transit conventional buses as well as service along Main Street and Steeles Avenue. With a new terminal building, complete with customer information centre, washrooms, enclosed waiting areas and digital displays featuring real-time information, the terminal has a covered platform with 17 bus bays, including seven that are on-street and connected to the terminal building by a covered walkway. The Project also included a Coordinator’s building, associated road works and intersection improvements, street lighting and traffic signals. The Shoppers World Transit Terminal is a key landmark building at this major intersection.