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Spokane International Airport – Parking Operations Garage

Spokane, WA

Contract Value:

$1.5 million

Prime Consultant:

ALSC Architects

Project Owner:

Spokane Airport Board

Completion Date:

September 2016

Contract Duration:

5 months

The 5,600 sq. ft. garage is designed to house Spokane International Airport’s shuttle bus fleet and parking operations. Space is provided on-site for snowplowing equipment that helps keep the parking lots cleared in the winter. The building is constructed of CMU and large arced glu-lam beams, seen in all phases. Translucent panels provide natural daylight to the building occupants while reducing glare. It is the third phase of construction for the parking operations at the airport, which included the previous phases of a complementary car wash to parking patrons and the office facilities for the parking staff.