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Christina Lake Regional Project

Christina Lake, AB

Contract Value:

$60 million (part of multi-year service agreement)

Prime Consultant:


Project Owner:

MEG Energy

Contract Format:

Construction Management

Completion Date:

July 2013

Contract Duration:

8 months

Phase 3A of a multi-year service agreement included site preparation with clearing and grubbing; stripping and stockpiling topsoil; rough grading (cut, fill, contouring and compacting); constructing and final grading of plant roads, and drainage ditches; installing culverts; and constructing a storm water pond. Graham managed a local aboriginal subcontractor as an active part of the project, meeting the client’s objectives for First Nations involvement. Project successes included:

  • Workers and Supervision actively participated in Project HS&E program (around 5000 FLRA cards, 1000 BBS observations and 110 Site Inspections). Graham’s weekly Toolbox Safety Meetings were interactive and well received by the workers.
  • Zero Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs).
  • SureHire policy was successfully implemented.
  • Having simultaneous work-fronts improved equipment utilization, workers’ productivity and overall project execution.