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Shell Scotford Earthworks

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Contract Value:

$11 million

Prime Consultant:

Bantrel Co.

Project Owner:

Athabasca Construction Joint Venture

Contract Format:

Lump Sum

Completion Date:

Aug 2001

Contract Duration:

16 months

This project involved construction of 23 tank foundations (17 concrete ring walls and 6 granular foundations), new site railspur, sixholding ponds, tank containment berms/HDPE liner, and miscellaneous site civil work.

Included in the contract was 210,000 cubic metres of site stripping, 160,000 of common fill, 2,000 cubic metres of concrete ring walls, 110,000 cubic metres of granulars and sub-ballast, 220,000 square metres of HDPE liner and geotextiles, 100,000 cubic metres of grass seeding and fertilizing, tank cathodic protection and tank drain pipes.