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Avenue H Reservoir Expansion

Saskatoon, SK

Contract Value:

$46.1 million

Prime Consultant:

Associated Engineering Sask. Ltd.

Project Owner:

City of Saskatoon

Contract Format:

Stipulated Price

Completion Date:

October 2015

Contract Duration:

43 months

This project encompassed the construction of a new facility that houses a potable water reservoir, high lift pump station, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection facility. The new 19 ML drinking water reservoir is adjacent and connected to the existing Avenue H drinking water reservoir and to the existing Avenue H Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The pump station includes two (2) variable speed 140 ML/d (2000 hp), one (1) constant speed 90 ML/d (1200 hp) and two (2) constant speed 45 ML/d (600 hp) pumps. The UV disinfection facility, which includes three (3) 48” UV reactors, and high lift distribution pumping station complete with associated piping, valves and instrumentation is housed in the building on top of the new reservoir.

Work inside the existing WTP included conversion of the existing high lift pumping system to a transfer pumping system between the existing WTP and the new reservoir, including coordination of work done by others related to the transfer pumping conversion. Work also included installation of one stand-by generator in the existing welding shop building located at the WTP.

The scope of work also consisted of all related landscaping, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation work.