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Gilead Lab Phase I (W1)

Edmonton, AB

Contract Value:

$37.5 million

Prime Consultant:

Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd

Project Owner:

Gilead Alberta ULC

Contract Format:

CM as agent

Completion Date:

April 2015

Contract Duration:

37 months

Gilead Phase 1 is the first of three phases to be built on a 10 acre site, across from Gilead Alberta ULC’s existing Edmonton facility. Gilead W1 is a 6,320m2 concrete framed research and development facility. The concrete superstructure includes a basement and four storeys above ground – all self-performed by Graham, and each floor consists of offices and labs.

Gilead Sciences New Laboratory was the winner of Alberta Construction Magazine’s Top Sustainability Project in 2015. The project utilized multiple innovative techniques to reduce electrical and heating/cooling loads from building operations and to integrate low water and energy use strategies into the site design.

Having very successfully completed W1 ahead of schedule, Gilead directly negotiated Laboratory W2 with a value of $42 million, the only stipulation being that the project management team remain the same.