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North West Anthony Henday Drive

Edmonton, AB

Contract Value:

$1 billion

Prime Consultant:


Project Owner:

City of Edmonton

Contract Format:

Design-Build - P3 Model

Completion Date:

November 2011

Contract Duration:

33 months

The North West Anthony Henday Drive project extended Edmonton’s new ring road from Yellowhead Trail to the Manning Freeway. Graham, in a joint venture with Flatiron and Parsons, constructed a 21km long four and six lane freeway, 29 bridge structures, eight interchanges, four overpasses, and two grade separated railway crossings.

Construction activities included major earthworks, new asphalt freeway lanes, new bridge structures, demolition, rehabilitation and replacement of existing roads and bridges, repaving of closed and new roadways, girder erection, concrete foundation work, pouring of bridge decks, pile driving, bridge approach work, storm sewer pond excavation, MSE wall construction, utility relocations, and the implementation of various environmental mitigation measures. The Design-Build contractor had responsibility for all traffic accommodation management associated with the project including interconnecting municipal roads, as well as coordination of joint improvement projects with three adjoining municipalities. All major work items were self-performed by the Joint Venture team.

Several milestones were reached upon completion of the project including successfully executing 2.7 million hours without a Lost Time Incident, pouring 50,000 cubic metres of concrete, moving 15 million cubic metres of earthworks, and placing 2.5 million tons of granular base and 770,000 tons of asphalt on the roads.