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Syncrude Ue-1 Shallow Underground Piping

Syncrude Base Mine North of Fort McMurray, AB

Contract Value:

$350 million

Prime Consultant:


Project Owner:

Syncrude Canada Limited

Contract Format:

Unit Price/Force Account

Completion Date:

April 2015

Contract Duration:


The project is a five-year general services contract with Syncrude Canada Limited. The scope of work includes: reclamation services for mining operations including restoration of mined-out areas; applying reclamation materials (clay and muskeg) from active mining areas onto old waste areas and tailings dikes to support vegetation re-growth; infrastructure work such as dewatering, haul roads, access roads and lay-downs; and supply of heavy equipment rentals as required.

The project calls for more than 40 pieces of heavy equipment consisting of 100-tonne to 240-tonne haul trucks, large excavators, bulldozers and graders as well as additional support equipment. The project requires 60 to 180 personnel at varying times to complete the scope of work. To round out requirements, a site office and a maintenance shop complex will be set-up to support employees and maintain equipment.