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Cornwall Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Cornwall, ON

Contract Value:

$49.2 million

Prime Consultant:

J. L. Richards & Associates Limited

Project Owner:

City of Cornwall

Contract Format:

Stipulated Price

Completion Date:

May 2015

Contract Duration:

36 months

This project included upgrades to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant, along with three new buildings: a new sludge thickening building, new screening facility and the newly designed BAF building which is the second BAF facility to be built in Ontario. Major components of the project consisted of general site works, screening and degritting upgrades, chemical system improvements and primary clarifier upgrades. A new ultraviolet disinfection system was added, as well as a new standby power system. Upgrades to the solids train, electrical system and pumping station, as well as improvements to the existing digester and dewatering facility and automation of the entire facility were also carried out.