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Peace Bridge

Calgary, AB

Contract Value:

$19.8 Million

Prime Consultant:

Stantec Consulting Ltd. / Santiago Calatrava LLC

Project Owner:

City of Calgary

Contract Format:

General Contract (Stipulated Price)

Completion Date:

February 2012

Contract Duration:

27 months

The Peace Bridge is an iconic feature of Calgary’s downtown town core. This complex tubular steel structure was designed by Santiago Calatrava LLC, fabricated by Augescon in Spain and shipped to Canada in September 2010 where it was assembled on-site. The cured glass for the canopy and handrail system was fabricated in Austria.

Safety and comfort were at the forefront of the design considerations and the bridge includes a 6.2 metre wide pathway, a clear separation between pedestrian and bicycle/wheel traffic, canopy-style glazed roof supports for year round use and natural light. In order to minimize the environmental impact of construction and permanent bridge installation, the bridge was designed to span the river with no support structures.

Construction included shaping and fabricating the helical steel structure. The completed structure was then launched across the river to its final place.